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Scott Podmilsak (Vet Rider)


March 2024

Rider Skill Level

Currently riding as a C class rider

I have a lot of experience working with professional coaches as my son is on the US Ski team. I know what to look for in a good coach and Hayden Roberts checks all the boxes. For me, I solicited Hayden’s coaching services as I was a beginner MX rider. I had also just turned 50 years old.

Hayden was/is always very mindful of safety and not just with me but for all his clients. He will push you just enough to get you to the next level but in a way that keeps you safe.

Additionally, Hayden has always had a positive attitude with me. I know I have frustrated him at times but he always kept his cool and help me get though my challenges to move up to the next level. His positive attitude was really helpful in me to develop my confidence in motocross.

The thing that most stands out to me with Hayden is his disciple to stick to the fundamentals. For example he is a stickler on body position. You will often hear him say things like “head up, chest out, toes in, butt out, elbows up”. Additionally rather than focus on jumping he focuses on ruts. His philosophy is if you know how to approach them, what to do while you are in them and how to exit them, this will make you a better rider.

I am now 55 years old and a solid C Class rider. I can go to most any track and figure out all the features on my own and clear all the jumps even on Pro Tracks. I attribute this ability to instruction from my coach and now great friend Hayden

Scott Podmilsak

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